Let the butt berries begin

With Spring Break coming to a close YHC wasn’t exactly sure how many PAX would show up but as the clock hit 0530 11 mighty men were waiting and ready to go.  So off we went and things went down like this………………….



SSH x 15

Mountain climbers x 15

IST x 15

Windmill x 15



Grab a block if you don’t have a ruck

Suicides:  Start at the first line and do the designated number of the exercise called by the Q.  Move between each line by the designated method.

1st round:  OH Press starting with 40 reps and increase by 5 at each line.  OH carry between each line.

2nd round:  WWII’s starting with 100 reps and decrease by 10 at each line.  Farmer’s carry between each line.

Knock out 15 curls before returning the blocks


No time for Mary


Count-off and Name-a-rama





–Plenty of Saturday beatdown options at Afton and Railyard with run options before at both also.

–Spots on the 2019 BRR team are going fast according to Hop Hunter so grab one before they are all swiped up and you regret it forever!!!



–Safe travels for all PAX



–Tclaps to Hop Hunter and Uecker for being good sports about being passed the rucks for the 2nd round.  Hoppy was right next to YHC and the ruck didn’t seem to slow him down at all.  Hopefully all those WWII’s will help with his pool 6 pack.

–Hokie Pokie asked for only 2 exercises so that’s what he got.

–Think Uecker needs some decompression time after he goes on his next vacation.  Don’t think any of the Magic Kingdom rubbed off on him.

–Hop Hunter has the Q next Friday for Cinco de Mayo and is promising a “grande” time.