Most of Harrisburg skipped the strongest workout of the week but a few iron men came out to see what YHC had in store after his one month hiatus from Harrisburg Iron. By the end, I think they were sorry they did…


SSH x15

Windmill x15

Mountain Climbers x15

The Thang

Sort of an interval workout. Do each exercise for 1 minute, 10 seconds between each to switch bells if needed and get into position for next exercise. Each set performed twice.

Set 1 – Swings, Upright row, KB Pullover

Set 2 – Goblet squat, Outhouse curl, Russian twist

Set 3 – Swings, Single arm shoulder press, Heavy baby crunches

Set 4 – Sumo squat, Triceps extension, Plank pull through

Set 5 – Swings, Single arm lying chest press, Resurrected dead bug



  • Welcome to Harrisburg Doughnut Hole! It was good to have you and your 2.0s out this morning. Looking forward to seeing you again.
  • I appreciate Practice and Bear Claw showing us younger guys how it’s done.


  • QSource Grinder tomorrow at Rocky River Coffee – Torch has the Q.
  • King Tiger 5k Speed for Need event coming soon – Exit54 has details.
  • F3 Intimidators game June 20. Dick Tracy will provide more details soon.

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  1. DrLecter Post author

    Everyone else must have been tired from staying out late watching the new Avengers movie last night.

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