Mad Max is back

Max 40 plank-jack ,30 , 20 lounges, 10 Burpees, 1 lap repeat until 20 minutes are up:

Great job by All:

Othello took us out!   mosey to front of Pain Academy, Circle up for a few warmup’s

head over to the church parking lot.    let the games begin

Othello. 500, Stolie 698, Silas 370, Hornet 407, Rice O Roni 499 Blue Crush 679, king Louie 550, The Body 500 minus the last lap.

Great job All

head back to Pain  revers gear from pole to second pole go back to pole that was passed up Forward, then reverse to 4 pole forward to 3rd pole.

plank  wait for the old one (lazy butt)

some peoples chair  (Great job well done Othello)

Great to See Silas out as well as Very fast and steady Blue Crush and Stolie ,  also great to see King Louie  But I did not see his crown?    Hornet, Rice O Roni, always there and very glad to see all.

Mad Max is back