Birthday 11s

YHC has been finding it difficult to post at 0515 while on spring break vacation down in HHI, by difficult see – not posting at all, but signing up to Q will always provide sufficient motivation, as it did today.  Fresh off yesterday’s birthday which now pushes YHC to past the median F3 age of 43, it was time to center today’s celebration around the ripe old age of 44.  Men arrive, no FNGs, no visitors (other than myself,) disclaimer given and we circle around the flag as is customary in these parts.

Warmarama: SSH X 44 IC – official bday welcome, Windmills X 10, Crab Jacks X 10, 4-1 Merkin to Mountain Climber ladder (keeping with the 44 theme)

The Thang: 11s.  Goal was to complete 4 sets of 11s (44), time permitting…which it didn’t, oh well.  10 reps of one exercise, 1 of another, 9 reps of first exercise, 2…always adding up to 11, subtracting 1 rep and adding 1 rep, etc.

  • Stayed at the flag for 11s of 8 Count Bodybuilders and LBCs.  Remember 8 cts aren’t burpees:)
  • Moseyed to path right off 278 for a Big Sexy Medley of 11s.  Monkey Humpers and Pickle Pokers.  All in cadence.  Always MH with back to road…always.  Try not to hide in the shadows either.  YHC does not generally work out in a high traffic area, so this was a real treat with plenty of vehicles bearing witness.
  • Mosey to parking deck.  Using small ramp at beginning of deck.  11s of Merkins, quadriphelia up the ramp (backwards run) then Get-ups at the top, mosey back down.  Got through most all of this one, but had to cut it a bit short due to time.  We head back to the flag.
  • 4th round of 11s to get to 44 was not to be…sigh

Mary: 44 Flutter Kicks IC – bday closing celebration

Recover, recover.

COT: Huge announcement from Spicolli, that World of Beer has $5 burgers ALL DAY on Mondays that he described as “juicy with big buns.”  Questions about what the burgers normally cost went unanswered, but alas, YHC checked and Burgers AND Brats are $5 on Mondays from 3pm-12am…so not ALL day.  They are normally $9.75, a solid discount.  So that is probably WAY more than you ever wanted to know about that, but if not, more info here.  Prayers for safe travels.

Moleskin:  The hospitality is always awesome when I am down this way and certainly appreciated.  High 60s temps were appreciated as well.  Thanks to all who came out and “celebrated” with me.  I asked after the workout why the 0515 start time (in my neck of the woods, and most other places, it is a 0530 start) and it appeared to be a case of “that is just how it has always been.”  Mild momentum was built towards a 0530 start time as “would be nice if my alarm was set with the number 5 being the first number, not a 4” was muttered.  There is a decent chance I’ll be back by this summer and look forward to seeing y’all again.  Be good.