Making a Beer Run, Sans Beer

6 Ruckers and a lone cruiser escaped the fart sack the morning. YHC was prepared for a little second-F with himself, only to be joined at the last minute by a rucker who shed his weight so as not to make YHC venture into the gloom alone.

A certain PAX, upon finding out the route, asked us to pick up some Unicorn Milk. Alas, Harris Teeter doesn’t accept Apple pay and I forgot my wallet.

Disclaimer to stay safe out there was given, and our separate (but also the same) ways we went.

The Thang

  • Exit at main HCES exit
  • Left onto the Pkwy to Ridge
  • Right onto ridge
  • Left into HT parking lot, through to 485
  • Left on access road
  • Left on Prosperity Ridge
  • Right on Ridge
  • Right on Shelly
  • Into bus lot and through the buses to the finish




  • Thanks to @Bling for joining me on the cruise. Really enjoyed the second F
  • Sorry to @barrister that the Unicorn Milk wasn’t procured. Next time
  • Still need 3 to fill out the Time Laps(e) team. Get with @barrister for details
  • We still need a Q for the QSource Grindr Saturday at Barista Craft
  • Highlands 7th(!) Anniversary Convergence is May 4 at MCCP. Beatdown at 7a, coffee and donuts to follow