I get knocked down…

6 pax showed on this perfect Hump Day morning to see what YHC had planned and to also redeem the AO after last weeks poor showing mid-week for the 4-Wide Sharknado for 2.  As YHC thought about how to make the Beatdown a little different, I realized that my speaker had not made a visit to a Beatdown in some time and maybe never to Afton.  A few favorites that YHC had picked up in the past when traveling to other AOs were in order and  would help set the tone for the morning. It became apparent pretty quick that a little extra pep from the music was going to be needed this am, as the pax were still half asleep during Warm-a-Rama.  That got fixed quick.  It went something like this.



Mosey to the tennis courts with some skips and butt kickers along the way.  Circle up for some…
SSH IC x20, Hillbilly IC x10, Windmills IC x10, Cotton Pickers IC x10, Mountain Climbers IC x10


The Thang

Before leaving the courts it was time to wake up the pax with the classic Let it Be…Merkin Edition (40 Merkins total – hold Plank until you hear “Let it be” and do another Merkin)

Now hat the pax were awake, YHC was comfortable letting them cross the street… so we moseyed to the medical buildings with a segment of skips along the way.  Once safely in the lower lot, YHC decided the first song was such a hit that we would try another. This round it was Tubthumping – PAX does SSHs until “I get knocked down,
but I get up again” then PAX does a Burpee.  In the end 26 burpees and lots of SSHs.

At this point music was just for background and we moved on to 4 corners with exercises at each corner of the building

  • Lap 1 – 10 WWIIs x4 (lunge – forward/side/backward)
  • Lap 2 – 10 Hand Release x4 (Long Skip’s to each corner)
  • Lap 3 – 10 Jump Squats x4  (backwards to each corner)

Mosey to the Shelter:

  • Large shelter = 20 dips
  • Small shelter = 10 Decline merkins
  • Background = Pull Ups  – 10
  • Swings = Swing rows – 10
  • Repeat all for round 2

Cherry on top was 10 Yurpees on your on.



Low Flutter IC x20, Low Dolly IC x20, Reverse BC IC x20, 1 min “H”abs
Specials Disney playlist request by TT for Mary, so YHC decided to throw him a bone.  “Let it Go” took TT to a happy place during Mary like I have never seen.


  • Rooster is at the wheel on Saturday.  Big boy pants required!
  • Looking for Afton BRR runners.  September 6th and 7th.  https://blueridgerelay.com/  Let Hop Hunter know if interested.
  • I Love My City Weekend Challenge (26-28 April) – We’ve got AOs signing up already. More information here.
  • If you haven’t already, like F3 MECA’s NEW FACEBOOK PAGE.
  • Also, F3 Nation mentioned that they were opening up their Slack channel to all of the PAX in the Nation. Here are the sign-ups for main channels of communication for F3 MECA:


  • Prayers for safe travels for all those hitting the roads for Spring Break.
  • Praise for the positive news on Audit’s health and prayers that all symptoms are fully healed.
  • All unspoken prayers



Lots of great effort in the gloom this morning.  Even better was the great fellowship that you always get at Afton.  We have a great thing going with this up and coming AO.  Lets keep it rolling and work hard to pay this thing forward to as many men as possible in our area during the months ahead.  YHC believes we have just scratched the surface of pax waiting to be tapped on the shoulder to come find out what F3 is all about.