Excuses excuses

My alarm didn’t go off (the second time).  My wife was supposed to wake me up.  The kids made me stay up too late.  My phone/alarm wasn’t plugged in and died.  A dog was barking all night and I didn’t sleep…  Any of those work?

Ok. Fine. I admit it.  I was late.  The alarm went off at 0500.  My S.O.P. is one snooze and then get up at 0509.  No problem.  The LP is 5 minutes away.  No big deal.  Of course the deepest sleep is between 0500 and 0523, which happens to be when I woke up.  That faint buzz wasn’t a distant bee hive in a dream, it was the phone, faithfully buzzing for the past 14 minutes.  I reach over to turn it off, check the time, take a deep breath.  Rush to the bathroom and take care of business.  Sure, I probably could have not brushed my teeth, but that is a bridge too far.  Change into my kit, grab socks, shoes, and the M’s keys, out the door at 0527.

If you grew up in Cabarrus County then you can drive.  It is just a simple fact. I think it is part of the water or the fumes from the race track, or something.  Driving something faster than what I should have, while putting on socks and shoes, steering with my chin or knee, if at all, down Patricia and Parallel was a sight to see.  If anyone was around, they might have asked themselves if Jr. came out of retirement. Whipping into the Town Center around 0532, seeing a parade of head lamps, blinky lights, and reflective vests gave a sinking feeling. If I had been awake something longer than 7 minutes ago, I might have thought about giving the horn a honk.  Forgetting that the PAX might not recognize the M’s whip, they kept on going.  Just like the ticking clock.

Time has a funny way of changing speeds, especially for as consistent as it is.  One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three.  It is the same every day.  Except when I am running late.  It is much faster then. Three or four minutes vanish like a wisp of smoke.  The opposite is true when waiting/working/bored/can’t sleep.  You know what I’m talking about.  Everyone knows.

I confused the lady runners as I parked between the van brigade, tossed the keys under the tires, and broke into a sprint.  I lost a few seconds getting the watch going.  If it’s not on Strava then it didn’t happen, right? *This is The Thang* Heading down Roberta, chasing the lights, checking my watch (being generally impressed at my pace after 1/4mile), hootin and hollerin all the way to try and get the Pax attention.  No luck but probably woke the folks in the Town Center apartments with my high and lonesome cries.  Check my watch again and am less impressed a 1/2 mile in and start to wonder what mile 4 will look like after a start like this.  Turn right on Harrisburg Dr, with two Pax in sight.  My heavy breathing gives me away, kinda like most my interactions with the ladies (pre-M, of course).  @Gamma and @Wexler hear, then see me coming.  After a few seconds of chatter, I thought/hoped that they forgot that YHC was the Q.  Like the rest of the morning, no such luck.  They gave me the roster of who was ahead and dared me to catch up. We all had a good laugh as we made it around that loop of Astor Dr and Riverside Dr.  As we rounded Roberta Pl (not Rd), the #LocalLegends came back for the Six and YHC took charge.  It’s a good thing because the rumor was that @SSMinnow was headed to YHC’s house to check in on me.  He is neighborly like that but the rest of the clan are demonic if their eyes open before 0700.

Pause the watch to let the traffic pass, which leads to somehow finishing the workout. Restart watch. See, the watch excuse has some plausibility!  Left on Roberta Rd and head up to Parallel.  @Gamma and, apparently @Hootie?!, peel off and head in other directions. Right on Parallel, stop at Patricia.  Up Pork Chop Biscuit Hill and back down to Parallel.  1/4 mile up, 1/4 mile down x 4.  Everyone forgets that the Q was late when doing hill repeats. They suck. The repeats, not the PAX  Pick up the Six, AKA YHC. Right on Woodside Dr, left on Parallel, back to the Launch Point.   Glad to be done.

The End.

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  • Thanks for coming out.  F3 waits for no man.  We are all have the choice to show up or not.  If not, you might have to sprint to catch up.
  • Lot’s to do over the coming weeks.  Get up with @Exit54 for the King Tiger 5k Speed for Need on 6/1.  Ask @Wexler about Post Office demo and reno at Harrisburg Park the weekend of 5/4-5/5.  Prayerfully consider helping @BanjoBoy with moving on 5/4.
  • Also plenty of opportunities to Q in May. Sign up!  Be on time, or you will be left behind.

2 thoughts on “Excuses excuses

  1. BanjoBoy Post author

    If you are early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you lose! I lost the ability to use my legs in a way that I am accustomed to, in this particular case.

  2. FlipPhone

    Nice back-blast!! Time waits for no one, that’s for sure.

    I was planning to run shamrock as a default route, but @SsMinnow had the idea to head your direction. We probably would have recognized the Camry and sort of waited.

    Good to see @Hootie back out there and @Gamma also at the run.

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