Do You Have a Conceal Carry Permit for Those Guns??

8 pax got out of their cozy beds to enjoy a great beat down this warm morning and to test their endurance in front of Kannons finest!

warm up – mosey to circle of flags (outside police station)  20 SSH IC, 20 IST IC, 20 Mtn Climbers IC and 10 Cotton Pickers IC.

The Thang – Partnered up and then started at center of police station for 5 burpees. Ran to one end of sidewalk in front of police station and did 12 patty cake WWII with partner and back to center for 5 burpees where we continued to other end of the sidewalk for 12 patty cake merkins with partner.  Rinse and repeat.  Just over 3 miles of running today with this workout and I think we did roughly 60 burpees, 72 patty cake merkins and 72 patty cake WWII’s.

Mary – no time but did a little down-dog stretch and cobra.

Prayers – The Burgs friend Brandon, G-Vegas and Scarlett (new additions to family), and runners participating in the Smokey Mtn Run.

Moleskin – As usual this morning started with a late entry of Chicken Strip but he made it out anyway. More we can say for Backdraft who we assume had his hose stuck somewhere. Even without ole BD we felt his glowing personality shinning down upon us this morning…or maybe that was just the warm weather.  QIC partnered up with Fire Chicken which was probably a mistake as I pushed a little too hard…or it was the WWII that got the bowels going.  Fire Chicken stepped up and help send the group to Mary where I later caught up.  Great workout this morning gentlemen, we showed Kannapolis finest how a workout is done. We had permits for our guns!

Also, did we mention BD was not there?  His leadership and encouragement knows no end….or beginning.  LOL!

In all seriousness it’s an absolute pleasure to call you friends and to work out with you guys while at the same time strengthening our minds and bodies in Christ.

Sir Topham