Better for the crews

Was a perfect morning, low 60s, low humidity, 7 of us show for the crews (not cruise) and 2 for the ruck.  YHC was edgy all night as master Q JB predicted a double dose of Schnitzel this week, YHC was determined to not make it a double doze of Schnitzel.  El Sabado was game to give YHC another shot and was not disappointed, that is, until he started the crews.



Head over to the HRMS track, picked up Sparknut along the way, exiting from his car.

At the track the Crews Nado is explained, as cones are placed in the field.  Starting in middle of straight away, quadraphelia to end of straight-away to the left, then back.  15 merkins.  Run suicides into field.  Come back home, 15 merkins.  Karayoke to the right, then back, 15 merkins.  Last but not least, run a lap, then 15 merkins.  Repeat until time called.

Most did around 5 cycles, Sparknut was more like 6 or 7, but lost track.  5 cycles would land you around 2 miles, and 300 merkins, not exactly a cruise, but would be a crews (whatever that means).

Back to the parking lot for some Mary,

  • pretzel crunch
  • LBCs



Prayer Requests

People in Sri Lanka.


Hope everybody got their merkins in and some running in as well.   Soprano and I were neck and neck there for a while, I was thinking our ‘cruise’ control was set the same.  Great being out there with you all this morning.  Have a great day.