Suckered into Sharknado

When YHC took over the empty Q spot 2 days ago I contemplated on what to do. Be it insanity or IPAs, I figured it was time for Sharknado again!! BUT, I can’t stand to see the melancholy faces when announcing something like that after Warmara AND of course I like to change things up a bit!

After a brief warm up that of course started with SSH (any other first exercise violates a secret F3 covenant)and some light stretching stuff, I started laying the ground work for ‘the surprise’…….

15 Burpees OYO. Mosey towards the Old School stopping halfway for 20 Diamond Merks. Mosey again to the parking lot for 20 WWII sit-ups followed by yet another mosey and 20 Merkins behind Jerry’s house. We wrapped up the first round of the ‘double secret Sharknado’ by moseying past the Chuck Norris Memorial Alcove to the back corner entrance for 20 Scorpion Dry Docks.

At this point I would have guessed that someone would catch on to what we were actually doing but the PAX had no clue. I thought they might catch on with the beginning of the 2nd round of 15 Burpees behind the gym but they were still clueless. I broke the news on the way to the Track and the next stop and All agreed it was kinda fun until they found out what we were actually doing. YHC was also VERY disappointed when I looked at my timepiece and realized it was only 0544!! The burpees were already getting slower.

The now ‘out of the bag’ Sharknado continued around the track a few more times, to the front of the school, up the stairs to the parking lot and back to the Shovel flag for a very welcomed session of Mary! The suffering was over but the damage caused by Sharknado was already done.

For those keeping score – 4 rounds of Sharknado by the Beastly RS PAX!


Perfect morning for some pain and we experienced more camaraderie than competition. Although we all stayed together as opposed to chasing one another with the regular Sharknado, it’s still a horrific and relentless workout. Cobains if you missed it. 🙂

Prayers for MCs Brother-in-law’s family with the loss of his Brother, to the people of Sri Lanka and to everyone traveling this week.