No Eye Contact

The moon was bright this morning as 9 HIM gathered in the gloom to take their DRP. Great to have Taladega join us this morning. We speculated, momentarily, on the celestial bodies shining brightly in the clear sky then off we went……

Mosey to end of parking lot for disclaimer and warm-o-rama


Monkey humpers




The Thang

Mosey to Side of School ( 2sets – 20 then 30 )

–              Dry Dock OYO

–              Sprint to other side and back then plank

–              Peoples Chair w/ leg lift & air press

–              Sprint to other side and back then plank

–              Balls to the Wall OYO

–              Sprint to other side and back then plank

–             Repeato


Mosey to Picnic Tables ( 2sets – 20 then 30 )

–              Dips OYO

–              Bobby Hurley’s OYO

–              Step Ups OYO

–             Repeato


Indian Run back to parking lot

Pair up for Vacuum Cleaners – 2sets


Mosey to Mary

–              Jane Fonda

–              Homer to Marge

–              LBC

–              Pickle Pounder (hence the need for “no eye contact”)

–              Jane Fonda (because they’re just so much fun)

–              Low Dolly

–              Squirm


Announcements (literary credit to Wexler for most of this section)

King Tiger 5k is coming up on Saturday June 1st.  This will be a Speed for Need event and guys are needed to push.  See Exit54 for details.

Adopt a Park opportunity coming up to rebuild the Old Post Office’s deck.  Will be looking for guys to HC for either/and an early Saturday morning or a Sunday Afternoon.  First weekend will be just the demolish.  2nd will be putting down the new deck.  This is an opportunity to bring your older kids out to help out the community.  The Post office is the oldest historical building in Harrisburg.

QSource Grinder this Saturday at Rocky River Coffee Co. 8:30-9:00. Still looking for a Q.

Intimidators Game Day Thursday, June 20th. $10 gets you tickets plus $5 to spend in the ballpark. Watch Slack and/or see Dick Tracy for details.


Joys & Concerns

A soccer teammate of DT’s daughter is back in school after several months of recovery. Prayers for those children who feel that they don’t measure up in the eyes of others.

Prayers for local 12 year old, Jason, who is currently in a medically induced coma after catching a terrible infection.

Continued prayers for Clueless’ nephew Davis