Back to the basics…

6 Dawgs (5 runners and 1 rucker) showed on this fine Tuesday morning to put in some work and stretch their legs.  YHC noticed Spauldini trying to twist the arm of a couple greyhounds to get them to put on a ruck to join him for a ruck, but his powers feel short this morning as the rest of the pax opted to join YHC for a return to the basics.  What could that be?… the world famous Bird Run.

  • Yellowcake showed for his 2nd cruise in as many days.  Way to keep pushing brother.
  • Buck showed his wisdom by opting for the bird and not the ruck.  Looking strong out their Buck.
  • Mayhem ignored that leg pain and hammered his way thru another strong run.  BRR here you come!
  • Pocahontas showed why he was on the Harrisburg 10k medal stand a couple weeks back by making a fast 6 miles look easy.
  • Spauldini put in some good work, but rumor has it that he unfortunately got #amwayed mid way thru.

Way to push guys.  Pax knocked out 5 to 6 miles.  #ironsharpensiron



  • Prayers for safe travels for all those on the road for Spring Break.
  • Prayers for those impacted by the church bombings on Easter Sunday.
  • All unspoken prayers