Who’s the Q today? ME??!!

Seven Pax awoke from their slumber to attend a Hugo-led BD on this glorious Monday.  The only problem was that Hugo totally forgot he was Qing today!  Too busy packing for his big move this Easter weekend had white-washed his brain but instead of faltering we agreed to co-Q and get this show on the road.  Hugo and Othello did a very lousy job of giving the disclaimer and then……

Mosey down to the lower playground area for some:
SSH x20 & Burpeex1
IST’s & Burpeesx2
Grandpa Jack & Burpeex3
Merkin & Burpeex1
(probably some others but I forgot)

The Thang
Mosey over to the far track for some corner repeats.
Start with Air Squatsx10, run up 2 corners and back one, Air Squats x20
Repeato running up 2 corners and back one, Air Squatsx30
One more time and then Air Squatsx40.

Mosey to the other field, all the while ignoring the “Keep off the grass” signs

Tunnel of love to the center
Plank jump-overs to the other side (#watchyourbrothersheels!!)

Mosey back to the parking lot by the lower playground for another round of 4 corners:
Corner 1 –  Merkinsx10
Corner 2 – Mt. Climbersx20
Corner 3 – SSHx30
Corner 4 – WWIIx40
10 Burpees
Repeato in reverse (down the ladder) but end with 10 Burpees

Mosey over to the handball court and say hello to….

Mike Tyson’sx10 – slow and with good form.  Feel the buuuurrrrrrnnnnnn!

Mosey back to the flag….or….the spot where the flag should be.

Ab killer (Kannon speacialty)x10
The Body 6″ 10-count


Prayers for Hugo’s up coming move
Prayers for High Chair and his family on their new “temporary” home
Prayers for Toughskins as he winds down his job and begins his new career

Naked MoleSkine
1.  Good to see Silas post on a Monday.  Keep posting brother…strong work today! Aye!
2.  High Chair – you are looking stronger, don’t think you modified much today.
3. ToughSkins-You too are getting stronger brother, in the front of the pack all morning. Keep up the good work.
4.  The Body – what can I say, no one can hold a candle to your “6 inches hold” during Mary.  You are a freak of nature!!
5.  Head and Shoulders – Way to bring it this morning, always strong and always good conversation brother.
6.  Hugo – We forgive your dementia incident today.  What I love about you is that there were no excuses, only action and leadership, love it!  Way to think on the fly and use another Pax (me) as support.  I’m here for you brother!  Good teamwork.  Let us know if you need ANY help with your move, AYE!