Double down Brazilian Hill day

9 pax arose on a chilly spring morning and assembled at the parking deck to await their fate for Kannonball run day…

warm-up: Mosey to church at Elm, approximately.64 miles and completed 15 SSH IC, 15 IST IC, 15 Cotton Picker IC

The Thang: Nightmare on Elm st…brisk pace of 8min mile up Elm st hill, approximately .3 mile, gather pax and Mosey back down hill turning left on Goldston stopping at West A…8 min mile pace back up Goldston to top and jog to stop sign at Oval. Quadrophelia up intial steep hill of Goldston then jogging down to stop sign and Elm to rinse and repeat. Completed almost 3 cycles trying to keep everyone together as best as possible. Indian run back to deck stopping just before to get in one final sprint of approximately 100 meters.

Mary, no time but stretch OYO.

Prayers: grandmasters job search, couple we saw this morning parked on street where they were obviously on drugs, g-Vegas family, Easter holiday and families traveling.

Moleskin: great morning to run and this morning’s run…nightmare on Elm st, was trick daddy inspired from our Brazilian Hill intervals (on flat ground) last week so I decided to double down and do intervals up hill which are definitely, and obviously, harder. The quadrophelia was an audible that I’m not sure anyone appreciated. 6 attended coffeeteria and many topics were discussed and no problems were solved unfortunately.

Also…in other news, Chicken strip showed up at 0530 on the dot….

Always an honor,

Fire Chicken