The Spider

Mosey to Hospital Energy Plant for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 2 10 count Hamstring stretch

Thang: The Spider: 8 cones spread around the Belk parking lot with the 2nd light pole as the hub. Each Pax picks and open cone and completes exercise runs back to hub to then pick an open cone area .Exercises were as follows:

25 Merkins

25 LBCs (4c)

25 Deep Squats

25 Brazilians (4c)

25 WWIIs

25 Burpees ( This one was TPs favorite)

25 StepupsS (Each Leg)(Planter much higher than expected)

25 Dips (4c)

Repeato until time called

Q lead a team run to complete middle and edge of web.

Mary: Long round of core with Low Flutter, Homer to Marge, Box Cutter and Scissors closing it out with some Broga.

Moleskin: Active group of 6 on a 50degree very windy day. Workout went as planned with BurppBu and Step-ups being very difficult. Spud locked on to my idea to “draw” a web with our activities in the Belk lot (Our Concord Spider alum would have been proud) .This workout will be saved for future reference as it created a solid average heart rate for an hour workout. Prayers up to the Weaver and Kiker families along with all church goers tomorrow that don’t hear the Word as often as some of us.