High Five Day aka Couples Therapy

A brief disclaimer was given amidst a heckling crowd.

Starting off High Five Day on the right “foot”- Indian Run around the parking lot. High five as you pass

SSH x 15
Cotton pickers with claps x 10
Hillbillies × 10
Mountain climbers 15


Mosey to the courtyard. Pair up with your new best friend and find a diamond. Each diamond has a different exercise.

– Bropees with diamond merkins
– Mason twists with high fives
– Merkin high 5s with partner aka the Pattycake
– WW2s w/ high fives as you come up
– Partner push up squats- 1 PAX does a merkin as the other holds his legs and does a squat
Repeato: 5, 10, 15, 10, 5

– Power Grid- Line up side my side. Pax plank. 1st pax does a merkin, high fives pax to left then back to the right. Repeato ×5

Indian Run with burpee penalty. High five as you pass
Low flutters
Box cutters
Speed round

Moleskin: Thanks for playing along today, men! My apologies for the tear gas I brought out during box cutters…more like cheese cutters.

Tons of #Noquit shown. Father- son bonding time with my Dad Pharoah, friendly heckling, and great weather (as Uecker says “It never rains at 5:30”). My wife calls me Sentimental Sam but I truly see you as my brothers and another part of my family. It’s not just one F that brings me out, it’s all 3. Thank you for giving me the chance to lead you today. I encourage everyone to try to make it out as many days as you can and step up to Q. Was fun!

– Torch