Accelerating The KING at the Mill

8 SUSPICIOUS MINDS and one HOUND DOG gathered in the gloom, strapped on their BLUE SUEDE SHOES and prepared to get ALL SHOOK UP. Even though no Concordians made it across the bridge for a workout IN THE GHETTO, THAT’S ALRIGHT, we jumped aboard the MYSTERY TRAIN and began the beat down. That’s enough talk, time for A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION, IT’S NOW OR NEVER.


Mosey to Switzerland

Seal Clap Hops x20 IC

Windmills x10 IC

Hamstring Stretch 10sec x2

Batwings x15 IC Each (Seal claps, arm circles, overhead clap, reverse arm circles)


Mosey to Rooster’s Parking Lot

Partner up for DORA 1,2,3

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 Freddie Mercs

Timer runs across lot and back

Mosey to brick pile, pick up a pair of bricks and mosey to deck and line up on a wall and assume People’s chair position:

Mohammed Ali’s x15 IC

Joe Frazier’s x15 IC

Wonder Bras x15 IC

Towers of Trust (Pax form two lines facing each other and raise their bricks to form a tunnel. The head of the line bear crawls through the tunnel, bricks in hand. Each Pax crawled twice.)

Return bricks to pile and return to deck for MARY:

Mountain Climbers x20 IC

Slow Pretzel Crunch x10 IC each side with a 10 sec hold at the end of the last rep

Homer to Marge x4 Slow

Hello Dolly’s x15 IC

J-Lo’s x 15 IC

Plank Rolls

Broga Stretches


Prayers for Alex, son of Catfish, as he graduates college and enters the job market. Also praying for Grandmaster as he looks for the next step in his career.


Though YHC may look like a TEDDY BEAR,  some thought he may just be the DEVIL IN DISGUISE after this workout. During Batwings, Gunny was trying to LOVE ME TENDER. What’s that about? I think he was looking for a little JAILHOUSE ROCK or something, but YHC had to send him to the HEARTBREAK HOTEL because I won’t be HIS LATEST FLAME. Just call Backdraft if you want some BURNING LOVE. There was confusion (as usual) during DORA about the definition of a rep of Freddie Mercs.

During Mary, TheBurg was ALL SHOOK UP and even FireChicken was crying DON’T BE CRUEL after all the shoulder work.

Once again you guys should know I’m thankful for my comrades and know that you are ALWAYS ON MY MIND.