Time to ride The Rocket

12 Dawgs (10 runners and 2 ruckers) showed on this fine Thursday morning to put in some work and get a little faster.  YHC arrived early to scout out the stadium for any opening for the dawgs to hit the track, but no suck luck.  Knowing this was a possibility YHC did some early morning planning while completing the first #Amway of the day.  YHC was wanting to tweak some of our past cruises and as I worked diligently thru that process over the course of many many seconds… low and behold a new image began to appear.  It was an undeniable Rocket that even had a fuse that traced back to the Dawg House  (the power of the #Amway is real).

The pax gathered early this am and were ready to roll.  YHC informed the dawgs we would be creating new artwork today and it was called The Rocket.  Excitement and anticipation was high (maybe just for me), so we set off into the hood following along the initial part of the bird run until we hung a right (cutting off the bird head) and moseyed to Spaudlini’s street to let the fun begin.  Pax would run each long street at 75-80% of max with a cool down mosey between long streets.  This was repeated until the pax had knocked out 7 streets of speed work.  Just like a well coordinated count down by Wile E Coyote, the pax rolled back into the Dawg House in just a hair over 45 minutes.  The dawgs immediately jumped on their phones to see if YHC was just blowing smoke or if we really did prove once again that the Dawgs are the best darn artists in F3.  Success was confirmed and lots of Stava medals were racked in the process.  Way to get er done men and thanks for joining YHC for the inaugural launch of The ROCKET!  #ironsharpensiron



  • Prayers for safe travels for all those hitting the roads for Spring Break.
  • Prayers for the family of Patti Davis.  She lost her 33 yr. old son unexpectedly this week.
  • All unspoken prayers



Lots of great effort in the gloom this morning.  Strava was full of medals for all the pax that showed.  Great job pushing to get better and encouraging others throughout the maiden voyage on The Rocket.  Most importantly, lets not forget what the next few days are all about.  The is a special time of year that will hopefully make us stronger in our faith and more aware of what is really important in our lives.



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  1. Pharaoh

    @HopHunter….great write up!!! Feel like I was there and now don’t feel bad about missing it!

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