Madness? This is Sparta!

YHC was sad panda when no one showed for this morning’s Q. Was that going to stop me? Of course not! I must press on in search of glory! To that end, I headed to Davis Lake Shopping Center (after some fly-by burpees) to try the Spartan workout I found posted on the F3nation site.

The routine consisted of sprints of 10×30 yards (modified from 30×100 yards as that would take too long) followed by 30 merkins after each sprint, for a total of 300 each.

Shortly after my arrival, The_Farm found me and joined in the fun. Once Spartan was complete, we headed back to The Lake for a quick 1×6 ladder (curls & star jacks) followed by dips (x15), Mike Tyson’s (x10), and step-ups (x10 per leg).

After a nice light workout, I went home and did 100 more merkins & 100 sit-ups before heading off to school. What a glorious way to start the day!