How do we get paid

FNG   asked the Big Questions  he had a lot of different responses as well.   DO you have your Credit card on you (Lots of laughter) another i have the CASH app ready….

Warm up TBMIR-B2  (The Body Mosey Indian Run  before last man run Two Burpees.

Reverse gear no TBMIR-B2 Circle up.

10 IC Side saddle hop

10 IC imperial walkers

10 IC Happy Happy (Hillbillies)

10 Burpees OYO Plank When done

10 IC Merkins

10 IC Mnt Climbers

10 IC LBC’s

5 SLOW count 6” legs lift and hold, Also lost count so Mint Hill rule Start Over

10 IC Dolly (Mary)

Mosey to Gate for pick up coupons Size does matter

10 IC  arm lifts

Pass rock to right

10 IC presses

Pass rock to right

10 IC behind head press

Pass rock to right

10 IC hold rock extended arms out for short count

Pass rock to right

10 ICB hold rock close to chest for squats

Pass rock to right

10 IC IBC’s

Pass rock to right

10  WWII

Pass rock to right

10 hammers

Pass rock to right

Stand up mosey back while arm pressing rock

Leg lounge to gate and place rock back

Mosey to play ground

5  Pull ups, 5 merkins, 5 squats, 5 Burpees

Mosey   for time with Mary

Circle up on your six

Each take turn of call to exercise  except for FNG  I was overruled on that ( I am thankful we where not on a Ship).

Then Othello lead a nice stretching to end

COT  FNG  is now Silas (Si) Nice beard !!

Thanks for all putting up my no so good counting. Maybe one day I will learn but then again ???