5 Men came out and got a little stronger at the ridge.  Essentially zero mumble chatter…Nothing but hussle out there from all! Nice morning a little breezy that went like this…

#Warm Up
Mosey to front of high school
SSH x15
IST x15
Windmill x10

#The Thang

Mosey to 1st corner of 1/2 parking lot (4 corner ladder work)
1st Corner, Burpee
2nd Corner, reverse crunch
3rd Corner, Merkins
4th Corner, Lunges (forward or back)

1st lap do 5 at each corner, and we go up by 5 each lap until we hit 15.
When you finish a lap rest, plan or circle back to meet the six.
We will all start each lap together
STrong work up ladder to 15 and back down!

Mosey to hill
set of 11s with Quadraphilia going up hill
start with 1 Merkins at bottom
and 10 jump squats at top

Mosey back to flag for Mary
Low flutter x14
LBC x15
Pretzel stick x15
Low dolly x15

Count off/Name-o-rama

Annountcement: Tiger 5K coming up soon.  F3 is a sponsor, and might be speed for need as well.  Other info will be coming…

Always an honor to lead the crew.  Great work out there today!