Running with a THE 6th Place Finisher!!!

Great morning for a run! The PAX started 8 strong. All made it back, some sooner than others.

Took a minute to realize the FNG running with us was not an FNG, it was @sheepdog… without a beard. Must have a job interview at a bank.

Chatter this morning was mostly about all the recent races. Boston and the Harrisburg 5k and 10k. It took some prodding, but by mile 2 when @Wexler ran from the back of the pack to the front, while charging up the hill, we knew!  Oh yes, we all knew!  We were in the presence of THE 6th place finisher of the Harrisburg 10k.

Kidding aside.  I did a little digging on THE 6th place finisher. (The same guy that couldn’t run 1 mile two years ago.) And the numbers are impressive.

Last year his pace was 8:49 min/mile… this year? 8:05 min/mile!!

Yup… he shaved 45 seconds per mile off his pace in one year. That’s crushing it. Kudos!

Below is the route we ran.


  • KingTiger Code and a Speed For Need Event.  Reach out to @Exit54 for the details
  • Workday coming up at the Old Post Office.  Ask @Wexler for more information

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