Burpee Circuit

10 men started their day the F3 Way and are better for it….except for the soreness…and the tiredness…and the….

Mosey about 1/4 mile to get loose.

Windmills, Low slow squats, Mt. Climbers.

Set upĀ  5 stations where we will perform 40 seconds of assorted Burpees with 20 seconds of recovery Mary exercises

  1. Burpees with 180 degree jump squat – recovery = Mason Twist
  2. Yurpees – recovery = Dying Cockroach
  3. Burpees with Mary Katherines – recovery = Goiners
  4. Burpees with Triple Merkins – recovery = LBCs
  5. Burpees with Mt. Climbers – recovery = rLBCs

Run 1/8 mile lap – repeat the circuit.

Mosey to parking lot for shuttle run.

Run to first parking stall – one merkin, run back 2 stalls 2 merkins, run up 3 stalls 3 merkins….10 merkins

Side shuffle 1- 10 stalls with Lunges at each stall

forward run/backwards run 1-10 stalls with SSH at each stall.

Play a little sharks and minnows…if you are on base you must do burpees!

1/4 mile mosey to finish.