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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Burpee Circuit

  • When: 4/17/19
  • QIC: Pharaoh
  • The PAX: Wild Thing, Eucker, Turbine, Mayhem, Gurkha, Talladega, Buck, Torch, Sausage, Pharaoh

10 men started their day the F3 Way and are better for it….except for the soreness…and the tiredness…and the….

Mosey about 1/4 mile to get loose.

Windmills, Low slow squats, Mt. Climbers.

Set upĀ  5 stations where we will perform 40 seconds of assorted Burpees with 20 seconds of recovery Mary exercises

  1. Burpees with 180 degree jump squat – recovery = Mason Twist
  2. Yurpees – recovery = Dying Cockroach
  3. Burpees with Mary Katherines – recovery = Goiners
  4. Burpees with Triple Merkins – recovery = LBCs
  5. Burpees with Mt. Climbers – recovery = rLBCs

Run 1/8 mile lap – repeat the circuit.

Mosey to parking lot for shuttle run.

Run to first parking stall – one merkin, run back 2 stalls 2 merkins, run up 3 stalls 3 merkins….10 merkins

Side shuffle 1- 10 stalls with Lunges at each stall

forward run/backwards run 1-10 stalls with SSH at each stall.

Play a little sharks and minnows…if you are on base you must do burpees!

1/4 mile mosey to finish.



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