Brazilian Hill Training

A little hill training was everything everyone hoped for this morning.  Weather
was great, no rain in sight.  Cool and crisp.  Perfect weather to conquer the
Brazilian Hills

Warm up: 1 mi @10:00 pace

The Thang:  8x400m interval runs at 7:30 pace with 200m rest between

Cool Down: 1 mi @ 10:00 pace

Mary: Stretching OYO

Let’s be real, there are no hills in northern Brazil.  Therefore, I have to do
interval training to simulate the burning lungs and fatigued legs of mountain
running.  Very effective.  GOMR is only 1 1/2 mos away so it’s crunch time for
training.  Really enjoyed being out there with you guys this morning.  Training
by myself sucks.  You guys looked strong this morning.  I can’t wait to run in
the mountains with y’all. Thanks again for holding me accountable even from
5,000 miles away.

Trick Daddy