Caged Leg Day and Taxes

The Story

The scheduled Q, Convoy, has been under a lot of pressure establishing and maintaining a trucking business. So he messages YHC to let me know that he wont be able to post and lead the pax in the gloom. To which YHC, unable to pass the buck, took the responsibility. YHC is not clear whether or not this surprise was good news or bad news to the 9 other pax gathered in the gloom looking for the scheduled Q. Regardless, YHC had an idea of a plan for the next 45 minutes. If only he could get GPS signal on his TomTom… 0531 – Screw it, no Strava post for this one.

What We Did


  • Mosey to the lower lot to avoid the paying customers next to our usual spot
  • Circle Up for
    • SSH x 20 IC
    • Crab Walk Right for 10 steps In Cadence
    • IW x 10 IC
    • Crab Walk Left for 10 steps IC
    • Hillbilly x 10 IC
  • Mosey up the trail a bit for
    • Lunge Walk Uphill to the Sand Lots
    • Monkey Humpers x 10 IC
    • Lunge Walk back Downhill
  • Mosey to the playground for Round 1


  • Round 1 – 5/10/15/run
    • 5 pull-ups
    • 10 Derkins
    • 15 Jump Squats (Bobby Hurley)
    • Run a Lap
    • Repeat x5
  • Round 2 – Wall Sits
    • People’s Chair, All in a Row
    • Starting YHC right to YHC left single pax Chinese fire drill around the wall courts
  • Round 3 – Partner Pain in Chum’s Cage
    • Partner up for Catch Me If You Can
    • P1 bear Crawl  or Gorilla Walk around the 4 courts
    • P2 burpees by 5
    • P2 catches P1 and flapjacks till the entire perimeter is completed
  • Round 4 – Boardwalk and a Dark Hill
    • Mosey down into the trails and across the bridge
    • Carolina Boardwalk for 1 turn each pax
    • Partner Up
    • P1 runs up the hill to the designated sign
    • P2 Lung walks up the hill
    • P1 returns to swap with P2
    • Continue going and coming till both Partners reach the top of the hill together
    • Mosey out to the trail head
  • Individual Effort AYG to the Shovel Flag
    • YHC finally gives the Overachievers in the Pax a chance to shine



  • Monday mornings are always a great group and site to lead in Mint Hill, thanks for the grace and opportunity to do so.
  • YHC may not be the fastest or the strongest but YHC will always deliver a recipe that can be tasty to all in attendance
  • The mumblechatter from the pax this morning was almost as ripe as the stench of our shirts
  • 60degrees and windy was almost chilly this morning. But it didn’t keep RaR from posting with us. TCLAPS
  • Othello is doing an awesome job running this site. TCLAPS to a master!