A jaunt through the LP

We barely got out of Afton alive on Saturday, between the Hokie Pokie killer beat down and the ensuing monsoon that flooded the park (not to mention the near miss lightning strikes while enjoying some 2nd F at Mike’s afterwards).  Dorton flooded with all the rain and was still closed late Sunday afternoon so a quick decision by the MQ moved the Monday run to Laurel Park – which worked out well for yours truly…

4 men showed up for a nice stroll around my home turf.  We got in some nice hill work and right at 6 miles.  The new turf kept Hop Hunter from running too far out in front.  4-wide and Tugboat Willie both claimed they were now ready for the BRR and Hop Hunter quickly added them to the team.

Thanks for joining me gentlemen.  It was a pleasure leading you around the hood.

Prayers for Audit as he gets Cardio results today.

A call to keep this week Holy as we approach our Savior’s Passion, Death and Resurrection.  Remember He died for each one of us that we might live.  Let’s make sure we live like He wants us to live.