The Tunnel in the Rain

11 men fought off the fart sack (some faster than others) and worked out together. There was much discussion the night before on Slack about the rain and YHC intention to avoid the deck and workout in the rain. This ended up being a good call due to light rain and a race happening later so we quickly moved on from the busy parking deck. YHC came in hot at 7:01 jumped out and off we went. Here’s what went down:

Mosey to flag pole circle at police station for warmup.

SSH IC x 20

IST IC x 15

Slow count squat x 10

We quickly left after a pax who will not be named released a bomb during the squats and ran over to the hill by the closed pharmacy. 

7-1 Ladder on the hill: 7 burpees at the top of the hill and 1 merkin at the bottom repeat to 1 to 7. There was some grumbling about lots of ladders lately … #SorryNotSorry. A selfish disclaimer was given to not run too close to the main road so I wouldn’t have to carry anyone back to the deck. We planked while everyone finished their reps then ran along the loop to the tunnel connected to the park.

We partnered up and one partner held people’s chair while the other partner ran the ramps and did 10 Jump Squats and the ran back to switch off. After 1 round YHC realized that’s a long time to hold people’s chair so the next 4 rounds were modified to 5 Jump Squats.

The rain finally came while we doing the Jump Squats but there was no relief for the pax we stayed in the pollen ridden, foggy humid tunnel for more pain. Each pax did 10 toe touches total (people’s chair position and alternating leg lifts while you touch your toe) then ran to the other end of the tunnel for 10 hip slappers (balls to the wall position and alternate lifting an arm and slapping your hip) then repeated 2 more times.

We then moseyed to Switzerland for Mary to avoid the busy deck stopping along the way to pick up the six. 


Crunchy Frog x 15 IC

Pretzel Crunch x 10 IC (each side)

Hip thrusters x 10 IC

Squat avalanche (hold low squat position and pax take turns doing 10 squats)

After COT mosey back to the deck to head to Q Source.


While we did not get as wet as YHC anticipated we the light rain and crunches at the end and overall humidity were enough to soak everyone and drench Anvil. His shirt wringing caused a small flood. Nice work everyone. We put in a ton of miles at a fast pace for a bootcamp. Between 3.5 and 4 miles at 10-11 min pace. Thanks for putting up with YHC tardiness once again despite the late start of the Sat. workout. 


Anvil’s nephew who is in the hospital

Grandmaster’s job search

G-Vegas and his wife as they prepare for the birth of their baby this week

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