Halfway to 90 never felt so good

7 PAX posted in the pollen for YHC’s B-day Blowout Beatdown.  Although Blowout was AWOL. The Thang went down as such:

SSH x 15
5 Burpees
LSS x 15
5 Burpees
Peter Parker x 15
5 Burpees
Park Ur Peter x 15
5 Burpees
Chilly Jack x 15
Grab some rocks, three groups
Colt 45 (timer)
Jump Rope till released
LBC till released
Mosey to wall
Squirkin (timer)
Mike Tyson AMRAP
Mosey back via the hill for Mary
Low Flutter x 20
Rosalita x 20
Homer to Marge to Mr. Burns
W x 15
Recover Recover