Nothing Beats a Birthday Beatdown

Another successful trip around the sun means it’s time to celebrate F3 style… with burpees.   I really need to rethink that philosophy.  Eh, maybe next year.

We started off with a telepathic disclaimer and moseyed up to the clubhouse for a classic Burpee Warmup.  After nearly getting run over by the Greek-mobile and welcoming Chowder into the fold, we were a group of 10.

Burpee warmarama complete.  Time to head down to the park.  Of course no trip to the park would be complete without some down hill burpees.  We stopped at every other tree and worked our way down: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Lovely.

Next up, the Main Event.  We did lots of partner assisted pull-ups, field sprints, partner dips, partner merkins, Pat-a-cake Merkins, Lunges, Partner Throw downs, you name it.  If it was tough, we did it.  All of it.

After a nice long wheel barrow session, we worked our way back up the hill with some WW2s and Merkins along the way.


  1. Thank you 9 men for posting this morning.  This group never lets me down.
  2. Greek is a diva.
  3. Glock and Powerball need some PED testing.
  4. Blacksheep flew 2000 miles just to attend this workout.  #honored
  5. Happy Friday gents!  Enjoy your weekend and let your loved ones know how you feel about them.

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