Light Show

6 of F3’s finest HIMs gathered this morning at Stallings Road Park to throw some iron and a bit of BS. YHC brought a new Bluetooth speaker with flashing lights for entertainment. It dazzled the crowd and made the beatdown a little more festive. Yeah… right… Here’s what happened….

Mosey to end of parking lot for disclaimer and warm-o-rama
Monkey humpers

The Thang

4 stations (shoulders, core, arms, legs). 3 exercises per station. 2 sets per station. Set 1 = 10reps, set 2 = 15reps. Modify as necessary. Continue until time called.

• Single arm press
• Molino
• Upright Row

• Pullover
• American hammer
• Reverse crunch

• Over hand Curl
• Tricep extension
• Under hand curl

• Goblet squat
• Lunge – each leg
• Jump squat



Harrisburg 5k Saturday. Railyard will be moved to Town Center at the same place Wednesday workouts are held. Exit 54 has Q.

Watch for more opportunities from Wexler to participate in Adopt-a-Park.

Prayer concerns…

Clueless’ 17yr old nephew has completed his first round of chemotherapy. His spirits are good but he will need continued support. Clueless will let the PAX know how we can best help his nephew and family.

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