Grinder Speed

A trio of Speedsters ventured out in the gloom for some ol’ fashion track work with a twist.

The Thang:
=>Warm up out the rabbit hole and then down Shelley to the back of HCE

Warm Up

  • Mosey to first goal post, sprint through the rest, mosey to rock x2
  • Sprint to first goal post, mosey through the rest, sprint to rock

=>Mosey to track

Three Man Grinder

  • Partner 1 and Partner 2 line up at start of 50M, Partner 3 lines up at finish
  • Partner 1 sprints to Partner 3, Partner 3 sprints to Partner 2, Partner 2 sprint to Partner 1
  • Continue until each Partner does 4 legs
  • Repeato at 100M and 200M distances
  • Work your way back to the start with three man race at 200M, 100M and 50M

=>Mosey back to bus lot

Finish Up

  • Sprint to first goal post, mosey through the rest, sprint to finish
  • Sprint to first goal post, mosey to second, sprint to third, mosey to fourth, sprint to rock x2

=>Mosey back to start via Shelley ave

COT with some confusion on order and sequence




  1. Spring is here and the weather was perfect! Weather report: No rain, no heat, no humidity.
  2. Egg report is looking good too! #showtoknow
  3. We were glad Stoli wasn’t there today, because it made for the perfect count to do a three-man grinder workout.
  4. SignUp Genius is looking empty. Sign up, people! It’s well worth it and you’ll be glad you did.
  5. Prayers for Buffalo Bill and his aunt.
  6. Finally, spend some time this weekend with the ones you love.