Fri YAY! Lets get er done!

YHC- pulled into the parking lot and saw 6 cars already there, we totaled 16 by the end and I was able to hold the rain off long enough to get our work out in.

– Disclaimer – We are a peer-led, zero-cost non-profit work out group, we are not professionals and do not claim to be. Preform each exercise safely and modify as needed. By participating in an F3 workout, you assume all the risk associated with doing so.
– Mosey
– Warm Up
o 1 Side straddle hop x 10
o 2 Crop pickers x 10
o 3 Hill Billys x 10
o 4 Windmill x 10
-Mosey to close parking lot
– The Thang
o Tri – POD!
 Partner up in 3’s
• 1 person – Side Straddle Hop
• 1 person – Peter Parkers
• 1 person – runs the lines at each end does a bupee increase burpee by 1 rep each time as well.
• Repeato and go up by 1 rep each time to 5
o Mosey to the stairs
 Ladder 10 Merkins at the top 1 Monkey Humpers at the bottom
o Indian Run to the school busses
 10 Merkins
 10 WW2’s
 Run up the ramp and down the stairs in between each set times 3
– Mosey back to Mary
 Squirm x 15
 Crunchy frogs x 15
 Low Flutters x 10

A whole lot of no quit today, Shout out to Mayflower for pushing through and making it out, and to Mighty Mouse for the support!  Looks like Spauldini and his monkey made up! Thanks for being a good sport Buck!  FARTSACK ALERT @Pharaoh and @Dial-up.  Great job by everyone thank you for the opportunity to lead!

Announcements – Q-Source this Saturday at Rocky River Coffee, good talk about leadership, accountability, and showing up this morning.

Prayers for Anita, Talladega’s friend.

When I think back to my first Q, I can remember Pharaoh a couple weeks earlier saying at the end of a work out that the group would start calling out some of us to do a VQ because F3 is about growing. Growing Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. When I heard this, I was one of 4 new guys in the group that morning, I didn’t want to get called out, but I knew I had been to enough workouts to plan something. So, I took the plunge and 17 guys showed up from all AO’s to support me. At the time 6-10 was a large group and Pharaoh and Talladega were leading every week. So, after a couple of Q’s I called out one guy on slack, and I won’t mention his name, but he didn’t take the Q, so it was my Q as those are the rules. But then Buck eventually caved and took the Q plunge. He was so grateful for my push that he named a couple of exercises after me! Seriously though, if you haven’t lead a work out and you have been to at least 9 beatdowns, then its your time. Look at the calendar on slack and pick a day we all will be here to support you and you might get hooked on wanting to be a Q often.