Highlands Version of Chicken Foot

When the PAX arrived, there was some concern as the scheduled Q was nowhere to be found.  Little did the PAX know, the original Q, Brinkley, contacted me and asked me to take his Q this morning, and YHC obliged.  The clock struck 5:30 and YHC announced he would be the Q and one could hear a concerted sigh throughout the PAX.  A thorough disclaimer was given and we were off.

Warm-O-Rama – Mosey to the Golf Course Parking Lot

SSH x 15 IC

Hill Billy x 15 IC

Mummy Walkers x 15 IC

Mercans x 10 IC

YHC decided to steal a workout he enjoyed from Buffalo Bill.  The concept is simple, but gives the PAX a good workout with lots of F2.  We moseyed to the point where the cart path diverges into four/five distinct paths and we split the PAX into four groups.  One path leads to ten, one path leads to the practice tee, one path back towards number eighteen and then the path back to the carts.  Each path had a destination and a workout assigned.  The PAX stopped on the path to the eighteenth hole at the bottom of the hill and they were to perform 10 mercans.  The PAX topped on the path to hole number ten at the bridge and did 15 Carolina Dry Docks.  The PAX stopped on the path to the driving range at the bridge and did 20 squats.  The PAX stopped at the cart area and did 25 lunges each leg, this was reduced to 15 each leg once YHC realized how long that took.  After completing each exercise the PAX would return to the middle and do 20 LBCs and then proceed to the next path and exercise.

Mosey back to Mary for:

Homer to Marge (YHC’s personal favorite)

The W x 15 IC

Mason Twist x 15 IC


TimeLaps(e) coming up and we still need 3 runners.


Overall the PAX traversed 2.5 miles approximately, and did a variety of exercises.  The path to the driving range proved to be more treacherous than the path that ran behind the driving range, so many of the PAX ran that route instead.  I hope the PAX enjoyed the change of scenery, YHC sure did.  It was still a little dark this morning, but we had Pavarotti to light our way (or give us night blindness depending on your interpretation of his assistance).  We learned that Nextdoor’s flashlight has a strobe feature that really messes with suspects (Nextdoor said he would personally make sure Pavarotti never got his hands on one of those).  Lots of fellowship had by all.