You did what this weekend?

3 of Harrisburg’s finest participated (because the coffee shop wasn’t open yet and one of the runners forgot to carry his bike so we stayed close to keep an eye on it) in the smartest workout of the week. ITOSK


Disclaimer, Shoulder rolls (fwd and back), Arm circles (fwd and back), Slow squats 5x, Cat-Cow, Seated forward bend.

The Thang:

Mountain, Tall stretch, Mountain, Tall stretch, Forward fold, Half fold, Lunge (right foot back), Plank, Down dog, Up dog, Down dog, Lunge Crescent, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Peaceful Warrior, Warrior Two, Extended side angle, Warrior One, Crescent, Mountain.

Flapjack and repeat.

Gamma took us through Pigeon and Eye of the needle

COT w/Roadies


  • Harrisburg 5k this Saturday 8am
  • Rail Yard moved to Town Center across from Percent Tap House.
  • Still spots available for the Time Laps
  • No Grinder this Saturday moved to the 20th


Much respect to Gamma and Helga for their weekend exploits. Thanks to Gamma for his help this morning finishing up. Congrats to Starsky for winning Road Warrior. Hopefully it went okay for FlipPhone when he showed up at home without coffee for the M. Shout out to Solo Cup for his cameo at coffee.  Always a pleasure to see you guys. Good Luck to all the runners, near and far, this weekend.