Watch Out!

7 men put in some miles in perfect weather conditions this morning and are better for it.

We had two close encounters with cars not paying attention.  The first one was accelerating at us and driving in the middle of the road.  The second one was during our sprint to the finish.  One of the cars turned down the road as we were sprinting to the finish and we had to get out the way pretty quickly.  Be careful out there guys!  YHC needs to find that vest and get a fresh battery for the blinky light.

Can’t be too safe.  Let this be a reminder to be very aware of what’s around you while running or biking out there in the dark.

The route was nothing special and has been done before.  It looks like this.


Harrisburg 5k/10k this Saturday

Saturday’s boot camp will meet right at the same spot at Road Warrior (across from Percent Tap House) instead of Harrisburg Park.

Time Laps still needs one guy!  @Fig … c’mon man!  Sign up!


Great work this morning guys.  Fast crew, that’s for sure.  @Exit54, @Fig, and @Riptide were setting a fast pace – nice work guys.

Safe travels for @Deuce as he flies to Austrailia this afternoon.  Probably at the airport already.  17-hour flight.

Good to see @Fig back out.  He shares @Starsky’s love of the cold weather.  Southern boy … you have to be at least 40 to complain of cold temps.  Youngins get no pass.  See you more often from now on.

Good to have @Riptide back out in the gloom.  You know you missed it … running in the dark, dodging cars.  What could be better???