My Ding-a-ling

Five PAX joined me in the gloom to find out what rockin’ around the clock with your ding-a-ling was.  When I arrived a few minutes earlier than normal, I thought at first we were going to have a big crowd as there were already a half dozen or so cars in the lot.  Turns out, it looks like a group of women like our AO also (and they start earlier than we do).   Anyway, it wasn’t long before the normal F3 crowd began pulling in.

Warm-a-rama – jog around parking lot with some high knees, butt kickers and karaoke thrown in. Circle up: SSH IC * 20, Wind mill IC * 10 (Abe Vigoda style), IST IC * 15

Jack Webs: 1 – 10 ladder (1 merkin, 2 air presses; 2 merkin, 4 air presses; up to 10 merkins, 20 air presses)  Had to move from parking lot to sidewalk as Hop Hunter was mumbling about his knees hurting.

Mosey to Tennis courts.

The Thang

Using the 12 corners of the 3 courts, every man grab a corner, perform 5 reps of an exercise, run to the middle of the net in the center court and then back out to the adjacent corner, repeat the exercise and run to the next corner until everyone has hit all 12 corners and performed 60 reps (like 60 minutes).  Exercises included

Merkins, WWII, Burpees, Jump Squats, RBC

Mosey to Shelter for Mary

Listen to Chuck Berry – My Ding-a-ling : Plank up, every time you hear “ding-a-ling” do a merkin.

Finish out with Low Dolly and Homer to Marge.


Thanks for playing along.  Always a pleasure leading the men of Afton. We need to work on our numbers especially now that it is getting warmer.  We noted last week that Hop Hunter was a little sensitive on Mondays.  Looks like he has sensitive knees on Wednesday.

Prayers for Booter as he recovers and Audit as he meets with cardiologist and all those not able to make it out.