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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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Courtyard work

  • When: 4/10/19
  • QIC: Pharaoh
  • The PAX: Turbine, Berlin, Tug Boat Willie, Wild Thing, Uecker, Torch, Spauldini, Talladega, Gurkha, Buck, Rerun, Bunion, Sausage, Dr. Seuss, Pharaoh

15 men or boys showed at the Dawg House this morning,


nice long relaxing mosey thru the parking lot and off to the courtyard.

quick warmup: Windmills, IST, CDD,

(Note: each brick planter has 5 corners)

Lap 1:Feet on planter-Plank walk around planter with Derkins at each corner increasing by one at each corner

Lap 2: Dip Walk with Dips x2 at each corner (2,4,6…)

Lap 3: Stop Action Bear Crawl with CDDx3 at each corner (3,6,9..)

Lap 4: Crab walk with LBC feet on planter x4 at each corner (4,8…)

Lap 5: Lunge Walk with Squats x5 at each corner (5,10..)

Partner up and report to one of the 12 diamonds

Lap1: Wheelbarrow from diamond to diamond add one more Derkin at each diamond switch as needed

Lap 2: Partner Pull from diamond to diamond, switch at each diamond.  add one more Squat per diamond

Lap 3: Partner Push diamond to diamond, add one more Mary Katherine per diamond

Mosey to ticket booth for Mary

Crunchy Frogs, WWII, W’s, Plank



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