Courtyard work

15 men or boys showed at the Dawg House this morning,


nice long relaxing mosey thru the parking lot and off to the courtyard.

quick warmup: Windmills, IST, CDD,

(Note: each brick planter has 5 corners)

Lap 1:Feet on planter-Plank walk around planter with Derkins at each corner increasing by one at each corner

Lap 2: Dip Walk with Dips x2 at each corner (2,4,6…)

Lap 3: Stop Action Bear Crawl with CDDx3 at each corner (3,6,9..)

Lap 4: Crab walk with LBC feet on planter x4 at each corner (4,8…)

Lap 5: Lunge Walk with Squats x5 at each corner (5,10..)

Partner up and report to one of the 12 diamonds

Lap1: Wheelbarrow from diamond to diamond add one more Derkin at each diamond switch as needed

Lap 2: Partner Pull from diamond to diamond, switch at each diamond.  add one more Squat per diamond

Lap 3: Partner Push diamond to diamond, add one more Mary Katherine per diamond

Mosey to ticket booth for Mary

Crunchy Frogs, WWII, W’s, Plank