Beach body work at the mill

7 men were greeted to wonderful mid 50’s temps with a slight breeze to cool them off as they attempted to bulk up their beach bodies.

Quick disclaimer about how I am a professional but follow at your own peril as we moseyed from our new temporary AO meeting point at the parking deck.

Warm-o-Rama: 50 SSH’s IC, 10 slow cotton pickers IC, 15 hillbillies IC, and arm circles

The THANG: 10 – 30 ladder

Starting at ring of Honor complete 10 merkins, run down to Dale and grab a bench and complete 30 dips….back to ring of Honor going up by 1 rep on merkins and down by 1 rep on dips, rinse and repeat until you meet at 20 reps of each. Totals at 165 merks and 275 dips plus about 3.2 miles all in, good work gentlemen and Backdraft

Mosey back to deck for a quick 15 low flutters and  15 hello dollies IC.

COT: praise for Tricks family safe travel back from Brazil and guidance for Grandmaster as he’s debating getting a new job in same industry.

Moleskin: quiet day all around as most went at their own pace but all completed as instructed except grandmaster as he’s dealing with shoulder issue so modified as needed but chest won’t look as “swoll” for beach season. Love the mid 50’s weather and already not looking forward to mid 70’s during the morning.

Always an honor,

Fire Chicken