Ummm…. Houston we got a problem!

The Dawg House has been on roll for many months now.  Growth has been strong, and attendance has been high especially considering most of this has been during the cold months.  The numbers have been up and down a little lately, but with warm weather finally rolling in… YHC figured the (dry) Tuesday cruise may be one of the larger ones in a while.  YHC was obviously aware the national championship game was last night, but knowing we don’t have any Wahoo or Texas Tech fans in the pack, that surely wouldn’t keep pax up too late and in the fartsack.

As YHC approaches the DH kennel it shockingly looked empty.  A quick check of the clock confirmed I was running behind but not in the wrong hour.  As YHC whipped into the lot, 1 lone dawg appeared in the shadows.  Rerun had been standing in the gloom for a bit ready to roll in some sweat new kicks with no one to show them off too.  We looked around for a few to make the Dawgs weren’t just hiding and playing a late April fools joke, but NO… it was truly an epic fartsackfest by the Dawgs.

Rerun and YHC did what the Dawgs due on Tuesday.  We turned on our lights and hit the hood for the warmest cruise so far in 2019.  Being that it was just 2 to enjoy this fine April morning… the classic Bird Run just came natural without much thought as the we chatted along the way.  6 miles – done… no better way to start he day.

I enjoyed the fellowship Rerun… thank you for showing!




  • Prayers for Rerun’s daughter (knee) and the visit with the surgeon on Thursday.
  • Prayers for Booter and his shoulder.
  • All unspoken prayers