Sometimes, Picking Up the Six Can Be Dangerous

9 valley men decided to take a field trip and visit a classic crowd pleaser this morning. The fartsack had a tight grip on YHC this morning…in fact, it would have won had I not signed up to Q and knew my brothers would be waiting for me. #accountability #isi Although, I’ve got to be honest…the lack of chatter on Slack had me thinking I would be posting solo and therefore would be able to head back home to nap before work. However, as YHC headed towards the AO, I spotted @Landlord running towards the AO…in the dark…sans headlamp, lights, reflective gear. Very dangerous and not good! #dobetter Although I was not happy about @Landlord’s negligence, I was happy to know there would be at least one man to join me. Shortly after parking, a familiar car appeared in the lot…and out hopped @Brutus, @Osceola, @Gentlegrizzly, and @Trailmix. @Landlord and @Pleasure joined us and after some mild mumblechatter about @Landlord’s safety habits and my R8 roller contraption AND a 5:30am @Laser arrival, we were off.

1. Right on HC Parkway
2. Right on Christenbury
3. Left at the roundabout onto Millstream
4. Up to Legolas Ln
5. Down to roundabout
6. Repeat 4 and 5 until time (6:05ish)
7. Back to the school


Thanks to each of you for posting. I seriously would’ve not shown had it not been for you men.

5-10 miles were covered this morning.

Someone released a deadly methane cloud on HC Parkway as I was coming back to pick up the six. Not cool bros…but excellent timing!

At some point, we literally ran into @Filibuster, who had run from his house and already done multiple rounds of MSR. #strong

@GentleGrizzly is looking to be returning to his old form, which is perfect timing since KT5K is in two months.

@Osceola has made significant gains in his running since he started running with The Valley sometime last year. It’s impressive and inspirational to see hard work pay off. He even hinted at running a long local race that takes place every November. #justdoit

@Laser might be the toughest/craziest of us all for showing and running in long sleeves in 64 degrees and very humid temps.

Prayers for @Brutus who has been battling a cold for several weeks and hasn’t been running. Let it be known that “not running” in @Brutus speak is still 20+ miles a week. #respect

@Landlord was the rabbit this morning after a fast pre-run to the AO. 10 Miles down, 91.1 to go.

@Trailmix looked like the police while running with alternating blue and red blinkies this morning. It’s great to see him out running regularly again. Can’t wait to knock out another crazy relay race again. #BRR2016

@Pleasure seems to have come out of hibernation after busy season to burn some fat and build some muscle before his big day. He still has a beard and his hair is still perfect. Some things never change!


KT5k 1st weekend in June
Time Lapse is coming. Donate to @Landlord’s attempt at a 100+ mile run and/or come out to support him.
Prayers to @Hotwheels and @2Step who are in Ghana on their trip.

Always a pleasure. SYITG!