A little something for everyone

5 men started their Monday on purpose at White Lightning and are better for it.

This morning’s workout was designed mostly on the fly with an outline planned ahead of time.  It went like this.

Mosey around the right side of the track

Warm Up

SSH x 20, IST x 15, Windmill x 12, Mountain Climber x 20, Merican x 10

The Thang

Indian Run around the track with pain stations along the way

Station 1 – Legs

20 Squats, 50 SSH, 10 lunges each leg, 15 Monkey Humpers — 2 rounds of this

Be careful standing up quickly after the 2nd round … you might fall over.  Monkey Humpers are killer if you’re doing them correctly

Station 2 – Upper Body

20 “decline” mericans using the hill

20 “mini dips” using the slanted curb

10 proper form diamond mericans

2 rounds … YHC didn’t have enough juice left to finish the 10 diamonds.  Those are also killer when done properly

Station 3 – speed

We tried to get into the track … but the guard wasn’t having it  #WorthATry

All-you-got to a trash can and back – about 1/4 mile – 2 rounds

Station 4 – core

20 superman pulses

20 Crunchy Frog

20 rocketman pulses

1 round … getting short on time and we’re not far enough around the track

Station 5 – wall

Ok, let’s stop here for some people’s chair … get low

@Clueless slip and fell … one second later @Starsky slipped and fell and got scraped up good

This spot isn’t good!  Let’s keep moving and find a better one

Location found – People’s chair for about 1 minute

No time for more stations … we stopped along the way for some early Mary

Next time will manage time better to get in the obligatory pull ups


Low flutter x 25

Hip extensions x 20 on each side


Harrisburg 5k/10k this Saturday.  Saturday’s workout is now at Town Center, spread the word!

Time Laps May 17-18.  Pretty sure we still need one person to sign up!  Do it!!


Thanks for coming out guys!

Good to see @Starsky back out in the gloom.  We skipped right passed 50s and went to 60s+.  Half way through we were wishing for 40s temps again.  Sorry about that bad scrape man!  I’m sure the shower this morning felt fantastic.

Thanks for pushing me on those sprints @Rerun!  Strong work out there this morning.

T-claps to @SSMinnow for the pre-workout miles.  Going to kill that half this weekend.