Suicide Beatdown at Cabarrus Charter

When:  4-6-19

QIC:  Rooster

The Pax:  Amway, Guinness, Shooter, Hokie Pokie, Moolay, Hop Hunter

7 Afton men started the weekend strong, it went something like this:

Warmarama – QIC originally planned this to be at Charter School, but Amway’s number 1 turned into a number 2 so an audible was called to begin in Dorton Park parking lot while waiting on our brother.

SSH x 20 IC

Mountain climbers x 10 IC

Hillbilly x 10 IC

Arm Circles

The Thang: Mosey over to Cabarrus Charter School for the following!

4 light polls stretch the length of parking lot in front of school so QIC figured that would be a simple yet effective way to run suicides and do exercises along the way.

1st cycle of exercises: Pax is to run from 1st light poll to 2nd light poll then do 10 burpees. Run back to 1st light poll then run to 3rd light poll for 10 burpees. Run back to 1st light poll then to 4th light poll and repeat 10 burpees. Once finished run around median back down to first light poll to begin second cycle of exercises.


2nd cycle of exercises: Repeat suicides mentioned above but replace burpees with 20 Merkins at each light poll.


3rd cycle of exercises: Repeat suicides mentioned above but replace Merkins with 30 air squats at each light poll.


4th cycle of exercises: Bear Crawl to each light poll for 10 core killers.


Once all pax finished above, we lined up for a Reverse Indian Run around the same area above exercises were performed. This makes for a long sprint to catch back up to the pax line running.


More fun planned under the side shelter of Charter school where we partnered up to do the following: Partner 1 squats against brick wall with arms out straight while partner 2 completes 1 minute of high knees touching partners hands every rep. Once time expires you switch positions and reset time for 1 minute. We cycled through a second full set but at 30 seconds instead of 1 minute.

Next we completed 30 seconds of inverted wall hand stand with shoulder taps and then finished with 1 minute of plank up downs.

Time was called for Mary.


Q asked to circle up and for each pax member to call out one ab exercise IC.

Prayers/Announcements:  Prayers for the Johnson family as Amway and I lost a High School friend way to early this past week. Prayers and safety for our brothers in the Spartan race on Sunday.


Awesome group of men today, hope I didn’t disappoint with the Q as I kind of made it up along the way.  In all we pushed through roughly 9 suicides, many burpees, Merkins, air squats, bear crawls and core killers to go along with a long Reverse Indian Run and some finishing exercises that certainly spiked my heart rate. During the fun I do remember Amway asking how we went from a supposed core workout to suicides and bear crawls! LOL I have to keep you guessing my friend!! Good work today men and I must say I really enjoyed the F2 at Mikes Deli afterwards-great fellowship.

I really appreciate you guys showing up today, it’s a Brotherhood!

Till next time, Rooster