The Rain 100!

Note: According to The United States Flag Code, Title 36, Chapter 10: “The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather flag is displayed.”  I was not sure if our flag was classified as ‘all-weather’, so the Q left it behind today.

The Rain 100!
Quick disclaimer and a mosey around the HT parking lot (awaiting Marie Calendar’s 5:35am arrival)  Mosey to BB&T drive thru shelter.

SSH x 20
IST x15
Windmill X15
Cotton Picker x 20

Partner up -Kettle Bell exercises + 100 burpees
1 partner does kettle bell exercise while the other serves as the timer doing 20 burpees
Overhead press
LBC (with bell)
Tricep extension

Rotate to a small Tabata timed exercise (4 exercises – 1 minute each – 2 rotations)
Jump rope
Ball slams
Shoulder taps

LBC x20
Low flutter x20
W x20

Deep stretching of legs
Followed by COT
Prayers for Heatstroke’s dad, Marie Calendar’s mom, everyone’s activities this weekend.
Have a great Friday! – The Bear