Only 4 today

Just 4 men took the DRP and posted at Comanche this morning. Kinda disappointing, especially since it’s starting to warm up and was dry. C’mon guys!!!

YHC gave a quick disclaimer and off we went.

– Mosey to front of school
– SSH x 10
– Cotton Picker X 10
– IST x 10

The Thang
Mosey over to the big hill next to the front playground (YHC put out a challenge to all Qs to include this hill in a Tuesday/Thursday beatdown)
– 10 to 1 ladder with merkins at top, WWII situps at bottom

Mosey over to the blocks and grab a block
– Variation of the Colt 45 curls (instead of 15 reps of lower movement, upper movement, and full movement…we did 7 reps of each, followed by 6, then 5, and 4, 3, 2, and 1)
– Chest press x 20
– Chest press x 18
– Chest press x 16
– Chest press x 14
– Chest press x 12
– Chest press x 10
– Chest press x 8
– Chest press x 6
– Chest press x 4
– Chest press x 2

Put back the blocks and head to back of school.
– Jump ups x 15 (or step ups, 10 each leg)
– Muscle ups x 10

Repeat for three total rounds

Mosey back to start for mary

We did 20 sec for each of the following 9 exercises straight through for 3 minutes of Mary. This came from a great website, called Darebee.
– LBCs
– Low flutter
– LBCs
– Squirm
– LBCs
– Squirm
– LBCs
– Low flutter
– LBCs

– Thanks to those of you who posted this morning. I know we were all pretty tired and I hope this didn’t disappoint.
– Where was everyone else? The only way you will get better is if you post brothers. Time to step up.