Late Start, Late Finish

Eight PAX, later to be joined by that guy who is technically a PAX but we never actually see, for some hard-charging miles at Road Warrior…


  • Head out Main St toward Roberta, turn right and exit the Town Center on Carl Palmer
  • Cross over Roberta, head downhill, left into RRC
  • Cruise up RRC, see @Flash magically appear in the middle of the pack
  • Encounter @Hootie, who looped around and joined us
  • Turn right at Morehead, then cross over into Carving Tree
  • Run out and back, take an extra lap at the top of the hill, then left onto Boulder Creek
  • Left onto Leatherwood, out and back, then left onto Tall Tree (seriously who named the streets?), out and back
  • Head for home


We definitely got held up at the start with some late-arrivers (and one or two guys running to their cars to swap out gear or some other nonsense) so we were off at 0531. I counted six PAX to begin, then someone pointed out @Banjo Boy running in the middle of a convoy of headlamps. My eyesight’s, man, it seems to be getting worse by the day.

When we got down on RRC I noticed a green shirt running in the middle of the pack, didn’t look familiar. I ran up alongside him and still wasn’t sure who it was. Turns out it was @Flash, who I’ve met at least once before. Anyways he joined us at some point.

A little further down we saw an oncoming headlamp moving fast, then heard the familiar bark of @Hootie, making one of his final pre-Boston training runs. He looped around and joined the convoy. It’s been a while since we’ve had nine out for Road Warrior.

We took the route over to @Banjo’s neighborhood, and wound up going a little too far. I blame the fast guys (@Scooter, @Strapless, @Hootie) who were pushing the pace and made me think we had plenty of time to get home. Anyways we rolled back to Mary around 0617, after doing just under six miles.

Be sure to sign up for Harrisburg 5k/10k on the 13th.

/Exit 54