All You Got

7 men won the battle with their alarm this morning and are better for it.  YHC has been inspired by all the effort going on in the March madness games.  Some fantastic finishes with even more effort.

Harrisburg pays it’s debts and it was time to pay up.  This week started our lead of the Dawg House workouts for the epic loss to the Dawgs in the Food Pantry challenge.  We felt like Purdue when Diakite hit the buzzer beater to take the game into over-time.

The plan this morning was to do a mile-ish warm up, hit the “Peak to Peak” segment, then mosey to the Jacob’s Crossing segment to give it all we had and see if we can do better than last time.

Mission accomplished.  Plenty of PRs set this morning and at least one egregious Strava error.  Strong work was put in by everyone.

The route looked like this:


Thanks for coming out guys, good times.

@4-wide is fast, make no mistake, the Strava time is real.  Who can beat it??  Well done brother!  You need to sign up for a race!  Seriously, you would do well and have a blast.  Think we still have a spot left on Time Laps … May 17, 18 – do it!

@Rerun won’t forget which stop sign Peak-to-Peak ends at next time … he went out a little too fast and YHC made the mistake of trying to keep up too long

T-claps to @HopHunter and @4-wide for setting some new segment records.  Well done.

@Talladega, @HokiePokie, and @Pharaoh put in strong work too.  Great job guys.