A Stroll Through The Prison Yard

A cool gloom beckoned 16 of Highlands finest to gather for some fitness, fellowship and faith.  Even though there were 3 clergy among the PAX, this downPAINment would not be all harps and fluffy clouds.  If @DimeBag had hope that @Conchito would share one of his 11 layers of clothes with the t-shirt only Hate-Hate, this morning became a lesson in handling disappointment.  Disclaimer given, “no” was translated into Spanish for anyone else who wished to borrow clothes from @Conchito and the PAX was off.


  • SSH x 19
  • IST x 17
  • Mountain Climber x 15
  • Cotton Picker x 13
  • Merkin x 9 (yes it was a break from norm, but more to follow)


The PAX moseyed to grassy area near the MS for a little 1 to 10 Jack Webb with 2 Air Presses for every 1 Merkin.

Mosey to the wall and get in groups of three.  Exercises at the wall were Peoples Chair with Air Press, Donkey Kicks, Balls to the Wall.  At the top of the hill was Carolina Dry Docks.  And one of the team was always running to rotate through the exercises.

Mosey to bus lot for Dan Taylor (Lt Dan who had no legs) as this exercise was intended to damage the lower half of the body.  This version of Dan Taylor involved a 1 to 10 progression of 2 single leg lunges for every squat.

Mosey to playground with a little Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear thrown in for variety.

Back to groups of three.  First round was Pull-Ups and Dips x 3 with a runner.  Second round was LBCs and Incline Merkins x 3 with a runner.

Mosey back across the bus lot, with a stop for descending Dan Taylor 10 to 2 by 2s.

Mosey just past the bushes to the grass for descending Jack Webb 10 to 2 by 2s.


  • Pretzel Crunch x 15
  • Box Cutter x 15
  • The W x 15
  • Low Flutter x 15
  • Circle Merk x 3 rotations
  • Greatest American Hero with vocals

COT and a BOM


  1. Great work today men!  It won’t be long before we will wish we had cool weather like this morning.  Ok, maybe @Conchito won’t wish for it, but many will.
  2. Kotters to @DimeBag!  The PAX has been wondering where you’ve been, but now it is clear that you only own t-shirts and weren’t able to come out during the winter months.
  3. With @DimeBag back in the PAX, the addition of @Bromance and YHC, that makes 3 clergy at a post.  It’s interesting that all three of us have F3 names that are typically related to some sort of sin or moral failure.
  4. And finally that brings me to Sinner.  Given the choice of wording in the LORD’s Prayer, @TheNanny chose “sinner”.  Solid choice!

Always an honor to lead the PAX!


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  1. Disaster

    Nice work today @Alcatraz. You certainly succeeded in destroying everybody’s shoulders with the back to back Jack Webb and CDD. I was surprised how bad the PAX was at grasping the simple counting patterns today, including myself. I don’t think @Nanny figured out the downward counting by 2 until well after the COT.

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