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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Mental and physical health

  • When: 03/27/2019
  • QIC: ReRun
  • The PAX: Gurkha, Uecker, Wildthing, Talladega, Bunion, Turbine, Submarine, Torch, Buck, Bullseye, Yellowcake, Rerun

Lets take time to recognize the 11 dedicated PAX who chose to meet YHC this chilly “official” spring morning. It was almost 10 then @Buck rolled in on two wheels so the PAX graciously picked him up then off we went for a short mosey to the main parking lot. Would like to welcome @Bullseye back to the gloom having taken a month off for parenting duties (or dooties).

Disclaimer given, PAX were requested to have positive thoughts during the workout in light of mental health awareness. That’s before we started the physical beatdown…


-SSH x 20IC

-IST x 15IC

-Mountain climbers x 15IC

-Merkins x 10IC

Parking lot lines in main parking lot:

-1 burpee, lateral (side step) run down line, 1 burpee, go to next line and repeat (all the way across lot), 17 lines, 34 burpees

-5 SSH, lateral run down line, 5 SSH, go to next line and repeat (170 SSHs)

Line up on curb, complete 10 modified burpees (no push up, hands down to curb) then 15 dips x 3, Uecker was kind enough to recognize dips for short people as midget dips.

-Indian run to ball fields for the cinders, 2 merkin penalty at the rear. Grab a block…

-10 chest press, 5 riser (bleacher)climbs (halleluiah with cinder above head)

-15 shoulder press, 5 riser climbs (halleluiah with cinder above head)

-20 curls, 5 riser climbs (halleluiah with cinder above head)

-25 squats, 5 riser climbs(halleluiah with cinder above head)

-Short mosey to tennis courts, partner up: 1 partner does 15 sit ups while second holds their feet and completes mountain climbers. Run to other side and flap jack, repeat until time was called.


feet off ground the entire time:

-low flutter x 15IC

-homer to marge x 5IC

-low dolly x 10IC


Strong work today with quality reps and over 2.5 miles logged. PAX had good chatter and had to modify a bit on the riser climbs, those were tough and the bleachers were a bit unstable. Hope that this was one of the last cold mornings, warm weather only means bigger numbers! Once again it was a pleasure to lead.


We push our bodies out here to better ourselves and hold each other accountable. But what goes on inside the body and mind is just as important. Exercise has always been a stress release for me but sometimes it isn’t enough. Daily stressors affect everyone, IT’S LIFE. Taking time to realize what those are and accepting them are sometimes difficult which can lead to internalizing or shutting down while keeping a smile on the outside. If the stressors don’t seem to be going away please reach out to someone (family, PAX, doctor, pastor) and recognize that you’re not the only one who goes through it or is going through it. Hearing what others have to say just might help you with whatever your struggling with. Listen to your body also; if you need a week of rest and recovery then take it, we will understand. There are plenty of mornings left out here with welcoming PAX! The challenge is within, go get it!

Pray it out with a gap in the COT to signify that there’s always room for one more to join.


Kirk Schultz

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