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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Blocks and Bells

  • When: 03/27/19
  • QIC: Shooter
  • The PAX: Amway, 4-Wide, Hop Hunter, Terrible Towel, Hokey Pokey, Big Blue, Shooter

Seven men made their way out on another chilly 30 degree morning, asking, “where’s spring?”


  • We started with a 1/2 mile jog around the loop and circled up in the parking lot
  • SSHs (x15 IC), Windmills (x15 IC), Pickets (x15 IC)

The Big Show:

We crossed over Poplar Tent to the medical plaza lot and circled up with an assortment of routines using cinder blocks and a trio of kettlebells with weights of 15, 25, and 35 pounds in one minute-intervals:

  • Lunge Press, Box Step Ups, Skull Crushers, Goblet Squats, Bend Over Rows, Lawn Mower Pulls, Merkins, Russian Twists and maybe one other that I’m missing.
  • After one full round, we took a break for a lap around the building


  • Over to the shelter and grab a bench for some dips (x15 IC), decline merks (x10 OYO)
  • On our 6 for some Homer or to Marge or was it Marge to Homer (?), LBCs


  • Convergence on Thursday at Comanche with a guest from the Nation
  • Not too late to jump into the upcoming Spartan Race or GORUCK event

Today was #F3MentalBattle day.  We talked about the the impact of depression and how we as men try to fight the battle alone.  We have a group of brothers that are here for each other.  Let’s also keep up with pax we haven’t seen in a while and check in on them.

Always a pleasure to lead!

~ Shooter


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