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F3 MeCa | December 11, 2019

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Sketchy Saturday!

  • When: 03/23/2019
  • QIC: Big Tuna
  • The PAX: Astrovan, Othello, Mr. Robot, Chi-Chi, Deuce, Big Tuna

6 men of MECA endured a somewhat sketchy but still effective beatdown at The Mineshaft today, The sketchiness started with a lousy disclaimer that we’ll explore new areas of campus and try to find our way over to the hospital on a mythical trail that may or may not exist. Trust me – we’ll be fine as we can see the hospital from here and if we got lost or someone gets hurt – they will find us eventually! Off we go — ready for a sketchy Saturday beatdown brought to you compliments of YHC!


Mosey down to the parking lot by tennis courts for warm-up and try to avoid the cement truck that seemed to be following us around — maybe the driver thought we were the construction crew waiting to spread the cement.

  • SSH: x15, IC
  • Windmill: x15, IC
  • Burpeees: x5, OYO
  • Low Slow Squats: x15, IC
  • Tempo Merkins: x15, IC
  • Plank Jacks: x15, IC
  • Burpees:  x5, OYO


We headed down the road to the rec fields and looked for the start of the trail. Unfortunately, the cement truck was now blocking the walkway entrance so we headed further down the road to cross a concrete bridge that appeared to have collapsed into the small creek. The sketchy bridge worked so we started to head around the fields which are fenced in and locked up with no entrance – the trail was very narrow with lots of mud and thorny bushes around 3 sides. We reached the other side of the fields and headed up the trail to the ropes course but seemed to have lost a few Pax along the way —  Q failure. Mr. Robot explored the ropes course while Othello goes back to look for wayward Pax and  YHC consults his Q handbook for what to do when you lose the six. We are reunited and head to the ropes course for some new adventures – however, we will stay on the ground and leave the aerial stuff to the experts.

  • Wobbly Dips:  x20, IC
  • Decline Merkins: x20, OYO

Partner up — one pax navigates thru the course – over and under obstacles while the other pax does squats, run back to the start and switch it up. 2nd time thru – we do lunges while waiting for the partner to return.

Back to the trail — the navigators are confident that we are on the right path now so we keep going and reach a parking lot. Is that the hospital? No, but close – we are in distant lot by the library and medical office building next to the hospital. Looks like this could work for the next round of exercises — lots of room and no cars- only downside – lots of cigarette butts littering the grounds 🙁

BOMBS – partner up – one pax runs a lap around the parking lot while other works on the exercises. Together – each pair complete total of each quantity listed below. (note –  qty were reduced from original weinke in the interest of time)

  • Burpees: x50
  • Overhead Claps (aka SSH): x100
  • Merkins: x100
  • Big Boy Sit-ups (aka WWII): x100
  • Squats (low/slow): x100

We are starting to run short of time so decide this as close as we’ll get to the hospital so head back down the trail – this time we think we found the right one and head back to the rec fields to navigate back around the trail and make it back to the parking lot while only having to jump across 1 small stream with lots of mud!. From there — we begin the mosey back to the starting point stopping for some incline merkins and LBC’s along the way. Back to parking lot at 7:59, somewhat amazing — we finished on time after stumbling and bumbling  thru all of the sketchy areas while still managing to get in 3+ miles along the way.

COT – Namearama / Announcements / Prayer and coffee-teria at Chik-fil-A


  • Chi-Chi – Welcome back – great to have you have out in the gloom. Keep it up — and congratulations on your wedding next year!
  • Mr. Robot  – Great work, lots of fast running  and liked the robo squat variation you shared with us!
  • Othello – Strong showing as always and thanks for helping the Q keep track of the Pax. Also, the George Carlin reference was consistent with today”s theme of sketchiness!
  • Deuce — Great job, appreciate your assistance with navigation and other moral support!
  • Astrovan — thanks for partnering with me and, also, appreciate your navigational assistance along with ongoing confidence that this Q will find his way around (and somehow did)

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and appreciate everyone’s support and patience as we explored some new areas today!

Big Tuna

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